Twelve Week Old Quail---Limited Availability Now!

Twelve Week Old Quail—Limited Availability Now!

Northwoods Falconry is now supplying for a limited time frozen 12 week old Coturnix Quail.  We ship Mondays only by ground UPS to the western states CA, ID, MT, OR, UT, NV and AZ. Shipping time is two to three days via ground UPS. Average shipping and handling varies from $30-$45. If you do not live in those Western States the quail must be shipped 3-day air since it is a frozen commodity. The online shipping costs through our website are incorrect and we will contact you with a quote for UPS air service.


Twelve-week old quail are fully grown and average 6-6.5 oz each. Brad says they are twice the meat as the six-week old quail.  There are 100 per box packed 10 per ziplock bag.  They are fully feathered and easy to thaw in cold water overnight.  One half to one whole quail is a balanced meal for a raptor the size of a Peregrine Falcon, Red-tailed Hawk or Great Horned Owl.



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ORDERING Minimum order is 100 quail packed in ten Ziploc bags in one box. This amount stays frozen longer in shipment. Our boxes are lined with dense foam board which helps keep the quail frozen until you receive them. Any number of quail can be ordered in boxes of 100 each.WE SHIP ON MONDAYS ONLY. THIS ASSURES US AND YOU THAT YOUR QUAIL WILL BE DELIVERED DURING THE WORK WEEK. PLEASE CALL US TO PLACE YOUR ORDER 1-800-446-5080, CHECK AVAILABILITY & SHIP DATE. WE GUARANTEE QUALITY FROZEN QUAIL FOR YOUR RAPTOR NEEDS.

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